10 Reasons You Need A Realtor® When Buying A New Build!

May 16, 2019

Think twice when buying a new build without a Realtor®…How exciting, you’ve just decided to build from the ground up, or are you exploring a spec home? How about a new construction? The thrill of choosing your lot, all exterior and interior finishes, floor plan, and upgrades can be enticing.

Why do I need a Real Estate Agent you ask… As a Real Estate agent my duty is to protect and act in the best interest of my client. There are so many misconceptions about Realtors when it comes to new build homes and building a home. From the experience of many realtors and in my own experiences.. YOU NEED REPRESENTATION..

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THE BUILDER HIRES SALES AGENTS – walking into a show home you will be greeted by a sales person whom is employed by the builder to sell their homes. They may not be looking out for your best interest as they are simply generating business for the builder.

HIRING A REALTOR IS NO COST TO YOU – home builders cover the commissions – BONUS – no extra cost to you!

REAL ESTATE AGENTS ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR CLIENTS BEST INTEREST – As Real Estate Agents we all have fiduciary duties and we must act in the best interest of the client at all times.

A REALTOR WILL HELP YOU THROUGH THE BUILDING PROCESS – Real Estate Agents are constantly keeping up with market trends and what offers the various home builders may be providing at that time.

ADDITIONAL COSTS – When consumers are going in unrepresented they may run into being sold a spec home that requires fencing, landscaping, window treatments at a cost above and beyond what they budgeted for in a home.

YOUR REALTOR IS YOUR VOICE – There is less of an opportunity that you will get taken advantage of. We are here to provide comparables negotiate favourable terms, write all applicable contracts, and most importantly provide the utmost and loyal care to our clients.

NO EMOTIONAL CONNECTION – Real Estate Agents are in and out of properties all the time.. We can remove ourselves -from the emotional aspects of the transaction – New home sales agents are invested in selling specific homes and can be pushy, and persuasive.

MARKET CONDITIONS – A realtor will help determine a fair price taking into consideration what the home is worth in TODAYS market… While providing statistical data to support this.

NEIGHBOURHOOD KNOWLEDGE – Finding a Real Estate Agent who is able to help you select a suitable community based on your needs is crucial. (Especially if you are new to the city)

NETWORKING – Real estate Agents are always on the go, always meeting someone new. Having a list of several reliable, trustworthy tradesman, brokers, lawyers etc. may come in handy to help you select the right professional person for your needs.

                 VALERIE RICHARDS ~ REALTOR®

If you decide to work with an agent- go into a show home be CLEAR with the sales rep that YOU ARE WORKING WITH A REALTOR® and that realtor is going to be representing you. Better yet take me as your Realtor® of choice in with you!

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